About Taibi & Associates

Attorney Michael A. Taibi is licensed to practice law in the Southern, Central, Eastern and Northern Bankruptcy Districts of California. Mr. Taibi has helped countless people in many counties throughout the State of California. He has focused his law practice on helping people like you in unfortunate financial situations for nearly 20 years. He has vast experience in bankruptcy, loan modifications and debt negotiations, personal injury/accidents, DUI Defense, and has advocated aggressively and successfully for his clients for years.

Place your trust in an attorney who not only will fight for you and do the job right, but also cares about what happens to you and your family.  Call (619) 354-1798 Today for a FREE, No Obligation, Legal Consultation with Mr. Taibi, and GET THE FRESH START YOU DESERVE!

What sets Taibi & Associates apart from other law firms in California is the personalized and complete service given to the client. When you hire Taibi & Associates, you can be assured that you will receive the best service from the attorney you actually hire, not from some associate you did not meet when you signed the retainer agreement and paid the fee, since the attorney you hire will be the one who handles your case. Don’t be fooled by the other firms who have “supervising” attorneys… Get the attorney you hired to do the work, not some less-experienced associate you didn’t agree to!

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