Bankruptcy & Debt Relief


At Taibi & Associates, we understand when filing for bankruptcy in California you have many things to consider and just as many, if not more, questions about bankruptcy and the California bankruptcy process. Taibi & Associates bankruptcy attorneys and case management staff are eager to answer your questions and help you through the process. We pride ourselves on being a FULL SERVICE California bankruptcy law firm. Full service means you will do none of the work. This is important! Bankruptcy is a legal process and should only be handled by an experienced California bankruptcy attorney.

When considering a bankruptcy filing, the attorneys at Taibi & Associates can help make a difference in how much debt you can eliminate and how much property you may keep.

It is important to never trust a document service or paralegal to file a bankruptcy. Ultimately, if your bankruptcy is not filed by an experienced bankruptcy attorney, you will be held personally responsible for mistakes that are made.

It is also important to understand that not all law firms are Full Service. This means that in many cases you will have tremendous amounts of paperwork to fill out and some attorneys do not even help to Stop Creditor Harassment. Furthermore, don’t be fooled by those bankruptcy firms which have “senior” or “supervising” attorneys who may (or may not even) meet or talk to you the first appointment with the firm when they take your money, but then you never see again, even at required trustee meetings or bankruptcy court proceedings…The old “bait-and-switch” technique…You think you are hiring one attorney, but instead you get another “associate.” With Taibi & Associates, the attorneys you hire are the attorneys who will represent you every step of the way.

We understand at Taibi & Associates that making the decision to file for bankruptcy can be a difficult process and our staff will treat you and your family with the respect and compassion you deserve. Contact us 24 hours/ 7 days a week for a Free Phone Consultation. In many cases we can start your bankruptcy with Little or No Money Down and often without having to leave the comfort of your home.

Full Service: Our clients are never left responsible to fill out the bankruptcy paperwork and schedules. At Taibi Law Associates, we can often start your bankruptcy right over the phone from the comfort of your own home.

Stop Creditor Harassment: At Taibi & Associates, we can help slow, and in most cases, stop creditor harassment. As soon as we take responsibility for your case, we will provide you with the ability to turn over all creditor calls and correspondence to our expert staff. We provide a 24 hour hotline for creditors so that they can get the necessary information regarding your debt without having to bother you.

Free Phone Consultation with Little or No Money Down:
That’s right! At Taibi & Associates, bankruptcy attorneys and staff can help determine if you qualify for Chapter 7 Bankruptcy or Chapter 13 Wage Earner Bankruptcy, and also start most bankruptcy cases over the phone the same day with little or no money down. Contact our office 24 hours to find out if your case qualifies. For free legal advice, contact Michael Taibi & Associates at (619) 354-1798.

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