Fresh Start

At Taibi & Associates, we believe that every one deserves a fresh start in life.

Whether it is filing for bankruptcy, a loan modification – we will help you understand which option can give you a fresh start in life with the least amount of inconvenience and cost.


Taibi & Associates has helped hundreds of people just like you:

— Eliminate the most debt
– Stop harassing phone calls NOW!
– Keep the most property possible
– Pay the least amount in support
– Modify loans that are comfortable  for YOU to pay

In many cases you can start your bankruptcy without having to leave the comfort of your home.

We do all the work
As a FULL SERVICE California law firm we do all the work for you, which means that we fill out all the paperwork and most importantly we stop the harassing phone calls from ALL the debt collectors.

Filing through an experienced attorney
One important piece of (free) advice we’d like to provide is that you should not trust a document service or paralegal to file a bankruptcy. Why? Because if it is not filed by an attorney, you will be held personally responsible for any mistakes.

Bankruptcy is a legal process and should only be handled by an experienced California attorney and Taibi & Associates can be there for every step of the process.

Lifetime of service
We know that from time to time throughout your life, you will need professional, legal advice and we aren’t the type of firm that once your case is over — that’s it. Our goal is to establish a relationship with you that will provide a lifetime of services and advice to you and your family for many years to come.

Contact us 24 hours, seven days a week for a free phone consultation.