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For most of you, the decision to file for bankruptcy is not an easy one without serious consideration and contemplation. We understand that the process of filing a Petition for Bankruptcy, and seeing the case through to discharge, is complicated. Analyzing your case and following the RIGHT steps and procedures is pivotal, and should not be trusted to just anyone. DON’T BE SCARED! As an experienced Full Service California Bankruptcy Law firm, we do ALL the work, protecting you from the possibility and personal responsibility of any mistakes that may be made in filing the paperwork yourself, or with the use of a document service or paralegal… Costly mistakes that can delay or prevent the discharge of your debts. This is extremely important! Bankruptcy is a very complicated process and should only be handled by an experienced bankruptcy attorney who is licensed in California to represent you in ALL phases of your case. A paralegal or document service may not give you any legal advice by law, and even more importantly, cannot attend any of the required court appearances or meetings of creditors. They also CANNOT negotiate on your behalf with the Trustees or Creditors. AND… Do NOT trust something so important to your life and the future well-being of you and your family to just any attorney or law firm.

When considering a bankruptcy filing, the experienced attorneys at Taibi & Associates can help make a difference in how much debt you can eliminate and how much property you may keep. Not all law firms are Full Service law firms. As a Full Service law firm we can also help Slow or Stop Creditor Harassment, acting as the point of contact for creditors’ calls and correspondence, allowing them 24 hour access to information regarding your debt without disturbing you. Get those harassing phone calls to stop, and those dreaded creditors to go away. Our attorneys and staff will help determine if Chapter 7 or Chapter 13 Bankruptcy is right for you during a Free Phone or Office Consultation, and can often start your bankruptcy case the same day with Little or No Money down. TAKE BACK CONTROL OF YOUR LIFE! Get a FRESH START today! Pick up the phone and give us a call 7 days/week, 24 hours/day.

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